SO51 0HN

Clock House Bells, Awbridge

A privately owned, 3-1-2 cwt ring of 10 in E


Many different ringing ideas have started out as pub discussions. “Clock House Bells” is not one of them.

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People from all over the world have rung at Clock House Bells. Find out what has been rung on the bells.

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Clock House Bells are a privately owned ring of 10 bells, hung in a purpose built garage extension. The bells were cast by Taylors of Loughborough back in 2000, weighing in at 2-2-0 cwt. On Friday 15th August 2009, the first changes (1260 Plain Bob Doubles) were rung on the bells without stay/slider mechanisms in place.

SInce then the ringing room has been heavily decorated, toilet and kitchen facilities put in place, a new tenor (3-1-2 cwt) installed and hundreds of quarters, peals and longlengths rung.

The bells are available to be booked anytime of the year, whether it’s for a 30 minute stop on a ringing outing or a record length peal. 

Bell details

1:   0-3-16   14.13”   G♯   2000
2:   0-3-25   15.00”   F♯   2000
3:   0-3-24   15.63”   E    2000
4:   1-0-05   15.88”   D♯   2000
5:   1-0-22   17.00”   C♯   2000
6:   1-1-02   17.88”   B    2000
7:   1-1-21   18.88”   A    2001
8:   1-2-04   19.50”   G♯   2001
9:   1-3-22   21.38”   F♯   2001
10:  3-1-02   25.13”   E    2012

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500th Quarter Peal

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan GuildAwbridge, HampshireClock House BellsFriday, 2 June 2017 in 36m (1–1–2 in B)1260 Plain Bob Doubles1 Isla K A Ingram2 Kristian D Scudamore (C)3 John A Dodd4 Sallie-Louise Ingram5[…]

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150th Peal on the bells

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan GuildAwbridge, HampshireClock House BellsMonday, 4 April 2016 in 2h 29 (3–1–2)5056 Bristol Surprise MajorComposed by M B Davies (no.1)1 Graham J Wright2 John P Colliss3 Charlotte K Colliss4[…]

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10800 Cambridge Surprise Minor

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan GuildAwbridge, HampshireClock House BellsMonday, 28 December 2015 in 4h 11 (1–1–2)10800 Cambridge Surprise MinorComposed by R I Allton, R Bailey & R Roan1 John A Dodd2 Roy LeMarechal3[…]

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