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Category: Milestones

500th Quarter Peal

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan GuildAwbridge, HampshireClock House BellsFriday, 2 June 2017 in 36m (1–1–2 in B)1260 Plain Bob Doubles1 Isla K A Ingram2 Kristian D Scudamore (C)3 John A Dodd4 Sallie-Louise Ingram5 Andrew J B Ingram6 Daniel Graham500th Quarter on the bells.

28512 Bristol S Major

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan GuildAwbridge, HampshireClock House BellsSaturday, 22 November 2014 in 13:6 (3-1-2)28512 Bristol Surprise MajorComposed by B D Price1John A Dodd2David J Mattingley3Benjamin J Carey4James A Hodkin5Andrew B Mills (C)6Andrew J Dodd7Roy LeMarechal8Edward P D Colliss1000th peal – 1. Longest peal in the method and by the Guild. 4th longest tower bell peal…
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250th Quarter Peal on the Bells

On Friday 19th April, a quarter peal of Rutland Surprise Royal was rung, making the 250th on the bells. This was also rung for Andrew Dodd’s 20th birthday. Awbridge, HampshireClock House BellsFriday 19 April 2013 in 44m (3-1-2)1360 Rutland Surprise Royal1 James E Daniels2 Caroline Daniels3 Andrew J Dodd4 John A Dodd5 Colin J Butler6…
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10 Years of peal ringing

Today, a peal was rung on the bells to mark the 10th Anniversary of Andrew Dodd’s first peal on the 24th March 2003. The original plan was to ring 10000 of Cambridge S Royal however after difficulties with the band up til 12 hours before, Cambridge Major was settled upon 10 minutes before starting. Winchester…
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Milestone Quarters

The first quarter peals on 10 with the new tenor were finally rung last night.Superlative S Royal in 39 minutes was the first, being Jimmy Hodkin’s 150th on the bells and Stedman Caters being the 2nd, Brian Woodruffe’s 100th on the bells.

First peal on the new tenor

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild Awbridge, HampshireClock House BellsSaturday, 16 March 2013 in 2.06 (3)5040 Cambridge Surprise MinorComposed: Roger Bailey 1 John A Dodd 2 Harriet J Dodd 3 Colin J Butler 4 E C Gareth Higgs 5 Martin J E Daniels 6 James A Hodkin(c) First peal with the new tenor and first minor as conductor