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First peal on the new tenor

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild Awbridge, HampshireClock House BellsSaturday, 16 March 2013 in 2.06 (3)5040 Cambridge Surprise MinorComposed: Roger Bailey 1 John A Dodd 2 Harriet J Dodd 3 Colin J Butler 4 E C Gareth Higgs 5 Martin J E Daniels 6 James A Hodkin(c) First peal with the new tenor and first minor as conductor

A New Tenor!?

As some of you may have noticed, The Clock House Bells have been out of action for a few weeks while a small change around took place. A few months ago, John Talyors & Co cast a new tenor to replace the current one at Awbridge. This tenor was to be bigger and better than…
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Clock House Bells on Youtube

A Youtube channel has been created for the Clock House Bells. Various clips of quarter peals and general ringing will be posted here. Click here to visit.

Roger Bailey

A peal rung in memory of Roger Bailey Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild Awbridge, Hampshire Clock House Bells Friday 25 January 2013 in 2h 44m (2-2-0) 5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal Composed: Benjamin D Constant John C Hallett W Nigel G Herriott Steve Castle Jennifer M Herriott Maureen J Hanney Colin J Butler Harriet J Dodd…
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A New Record

A NEW RECORD, 21888 Yorkshire Surprise Major Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild Awbridge, Hampshire Clock House Bells Saturday 29 December 2012 in 9:50 (2-2-0) 21888 Yorkshire Surprise Major Composed: B D Price 1 – John A Dodd 2 – Andrew J Dodd 3 – James A Hodkin 4 – Ian J Carey 5 – Benjamin…
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